The World Pediatric Project (WPP) officially launched the Every Child Campaign on Tuesday February 26th.

In a brief presentation Executive Director of World Pediatric Project Lauren McIntosh said the Every Child Counts Campaign is a local initiative – aimed at boosting awareness of WPP and the work they have done and diligently continue to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Miss McIntosh encourages local philanthropists to assist in funding the program and meeting the funding target of $270,000 within a two year period.

So far the group has provided services to 3,000 local children, at a cost of 72 million EC dollars; Of the 3,000 children, 700 of these were at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and 169 travelled to the US for surgery.

WPP says it continues to expand the work is being done doing and is extremely grateful for the growing support and assistance from donors and sponsors.

Since 2007 SVG has been the hub for WPP and has provided 7500 services valued over EC$158 million for children from 10 countries.



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