As the days wind down towards the implementation of the ban on the sale and usage of Styrofoam food service products in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as of January 31, this year, many persons are of the opinion that such a law is necessary given the harmful effects of Styrofoam to one’s health and the environment.

WEFM News was present at a meeting yesterday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference room attended by importers, distributors and representatives of food outlets, where issues relating to the Styrofoam ban were discussed.

Many food outlets and distributors here have taken steps in keeping with the law banning the importation of Styrofoam food service products, implemented here on May 1, last year.

Following the imposition of that ban, a grace period of 90 days was allowed for any Styrofoam products ordered before May 1, 2017 to be imported, and businesses selling and utilizing Styrofoam food products were given until January 31, this year, to dispose of any such products in their possession.

While some businesses persons feel that the grace period was too short, others quickly adapted to the measure.

Shawnette Boyde, the Store and Inventory Manager at Bickles restaurant, in Kingstown, said their customers have adapted well to this change from the use of Styrofoam and so too has the business.

Meanwhile, Cindy Daize proprietor of Earth Distributors, located at the General Maritime Warehouse at Murrays Village said her company sells biodegradable food service products at an affordable price, and which are recyclable and reusable.

Earth Distributors can be contacted at telephone number 491-5125 or via email at

As of January 31, any person, business or organization that fails to comply with the ban on Styrofoam food service products will be guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of EC$5,000 or imprisonment of 12 months or both.



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