The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) is today continuing with its participation in the 2019 Exercise Trade-winds – which commenced last Friday.

One of the objectives of the Trade-winds Exercise is to test the National Emergency Response Mechanisms.

As such NEMO will be activating the National Volcano Emergency Plan – which involves the issuing of information and news releases to the public via its FACEBOOK page, website, emails, radio stations, the mobile application CAP.CAP and other communication modes.

NEMO says it will also conduct mock scenarios for several days that is intended to test the preparation and response of all agencies and communities located near to the La Soufriere Volcano.

All messages, notifications and related information according to the Emergency Agency will begin and end with the words EXERCISE!!! EXERCISE!!! EXERCISE!!! the international standard for disseminating information as it relates to drills and simulation exercises.

The public is asked to note that the mock scenarios are NOT REAL and there is no need for alarm or panic – as there is currently no unusual activity at the La Soufriere Volcano.



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