The Lazaras Foundation which is a Non-Profit Organization that was established in 2008 have joined together with brothers and sisters in SVG to host a month of activity to celebrate the 87th anniversary of the Coronation of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I and Her Imperial Highness Empress Menen.

The activities include: an Art, Craft, Food Exhibition and Sale and a Cultural Showcase which will be held on November 2nd, this event will be held at Heritage Square, starting at 9:00am and will end at 6:00pm.

It is geared at highlighting all the skills of the Rastafari Movement and is open to all members of the Rastafari Family.

A visit to the Male and Female Prisons, which will be done on November 9th, where they are planning to take gift bags of toiletries for the women and a food hamper with ground provisions, vegetables, coconut, peas, chunks, and other stuff to the men.

There will be a social gathering at SOV in Villa, where they will host a reggae night on Saturday, November 18th.

A Rastafari Reasoning with representation from all mansions of Rastafari, which will be held on November 25th starting at 6:00pm.



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