A total of 1, 500 people have been murdered in Jamaica so far this year, including 51 children, according to figures released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Periodic Serious and Violence Review.

Last year, 1,350 people were murdered there.

The figures show that nearly 1,400 men have been murdered there since January with many households now without a father or a male figure.

According to the JCF figures, 1,350 males have so far been killed this year due to violence.

The data also revealed that between 2013 and this year, 5,328, men have been murdered in Jamaica, while 569 women and 236 children died violently during the four year period.

The figures show that 51 children have been murdered this year, as compared with 37 last year.

The JCF figures show that guns have been used in 82 per cent of the killings in Jamaica, with 1,228 people having been killed by the gun; 106 by knife; 44 by machete and 113 by other implements.



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