Inmates at a Venezuelan prison have been captured on video firing a host of automatic rifles and other guns into the air at a memorial service for their late leader.

The incident drew condemnation on Tuesday in the Opposition-controlled legislature and from an activist group that monitors prison violence, which demanded an explanation of how jailed criminals could have gained access to such an arsenal.

“It’s incredible that this can happen with total impunity. What can ordinary citizens expect if the people locked up in jail have these kinds of guns and run a large part of the country’s organized crime?” said legislative majority leader Julio Borges, an opponent of President Nicolas Maduro.
According to AFP News Agency, the video, obtained by prison monitoring group, Window on Freedom, shows dozens of inmates gathered on the roof of a prison on Margarita Island, located about 25 miles off the Venezuelan mainland.

Carlos Nieto, spokesman for Window on Freedom, said the incident took place on Monday at a memorial service for Teofilo “Rabbit” Rodriguez, a former prisoner and convicted drug trafficker who had for years been the boss among the inmate population.



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