Semi-automatic handguns or pistols and its magazines. The gun at the near side is a P2 pistol which made in Indonesia. Black and white photography.

Law enforcers in Trinidad and Tobago are disturbed – not just about the country’s spiraling murder rate but the increasing number of illegal weapons on the street.

And according to the country’s top cop, the twin-island republic has the highest number of firearms on the street in the region, with 80 per cent of homicides recorded involving guns.

According to Caribbean 360 News, Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams earlier this week told the Joint Select Committee, which analyzed the procurement, registration and retrieval of firearms, that 765 guns were removed from the streets last year, compared to the 691 seized in 2015 and 585 a year earlier.

And he warned that this was just a tip of the iceberg.

“What we are seeing is a consistency of an increase and a substantial increase. As we seize more, there is an indication that there is even more,” the top cop cautioned.



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