The executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena, has underscored the need to strengthen ties between the region and China.

Addressing the Second Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC) and China in Chile, Bárcena said China seeks economic growth, “centered on shared prosperity;” the combating of poverty and inequality; the protection of the environment; and the principles held in the 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The meeting is being attended by representatives from 31 countries including the Caribbean and Bárcena took the opportunity yesterday to present the document, “Exploring new forms of cooperation between China and Latin America and the Caribbean,” in which ECLAC analyses the joint journey since the first meeting of the China-CELAC Forum held in 2015 in Beijing.

The report also gives a comparative assessment of macroeconomic, environmental, infrastructure, science and technology, and social development policies.

The ECLAC senior representative noted that the Cooperation Plan (2015-2019) was adopted during the first meeting of the China-CELAC Forum, setting the goal of achieving trade of US$500 billion by 2025.



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