Twenty two (22) Calypsonians who were selected from the Calypso Preliminaries – will on Friday June 28th compete in the Calypso Semi Finals, scheduled to be held at the Victoria Park.

  1. Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd
  2. John ‘D Truth’ Dougan
  3. Dennis Bowman
  4. Errol ‘D Man Age’ Rose

From the Dynamites Calypso Tent

  1. Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar
  2. Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis
  3. Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts
  4. Cleopatra ‘Cleopatra’ Hendrickson
  5. Glen ‘Bump-I’ Richards
  6. Damian ‘Boney Man’ Noel

From the Graduates Calypso Tent

  1. Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abby
  2. Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne
  3. Robert ‘Patches’ King
  4. Wendell ‘Speshie’ Goodrich
  5. Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance
  6. Roland ‘Chico B’ Veira
  7. Rolmina ‘Rolie’ Matthews
  1. Kirk ‘Ninja’ Knights

From the On Tour Calypso Tent

  1. Fitzroy ‘Bro Ebony’ Joseph
  2. Shaunelle Mc Kenzie
  3. Joanna ‘Nubian Princess’ Christopher
  4. Shena Collis

From the Upstage Calypso Tent

Earl ‘Exposer’ Isles and Denise ‘Lady D’ Stephens as the two Reserves. Friday Nights show is expected to commence at 8 p.m.



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