A Beijing nursery is accused of giving injections and feeding drugs to toddlers, in a case that has sparked outrage in China.

Authorities are now investigating the nursery, which is a branch of the well-known RYB Education chain.

The company says it “deeply apologizes” for the matter that has caused “severe disquiet”.

A report by BBC News, says that at least eight children attending the RYB Education pre-school in the upscale Chaoyang district are said to have been injected with unknown substances.

Parents told the media they had discovered needle marks on their children’s bodies in recent days, and also circulated photographs online. They also said their children were fed pills or syrup before their naptime.

Some parents are also alleging possible sexual abuse, saying their children were stripped naked.

Police have seized CCTV footage at the nursery, and three teachers have also been suspended. Beijing officials are also conducting a security check in all nurseries in the Chinese capital.



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