Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz faces being removed from office in a no-confidence vote on Monday afternoon.

The BBC quoted Mr. Kurz previous coalition ally, the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ), as saying, that it would support the motion being brought by the opposition Social Democrats.

The FPÖ had become embroiled in a political scandal caused by a secret video, which ended the coalition.

If Mr. Kurz is forced out, a new chancellor would lead a caretaker government ahead of elections.

As the scandal broke, Kurz sacked Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the FPO party, the video’s leading protagonist. The other FPO ministers walked out and Kurz replaced them with technocrats.

“I am very proud and satisfied with the work we have done as a government in the past year and a half,” Kurz told parliament ahead of Monday’s vote.

Under his coalition, the government passed numerous measures to crack down on immigration, such as tightening access to apprenticeships for asylum-seekers, and effectively cutting child benefits for foreigners who work in Austria but whose children live in poorer countries.

It also vaunted its agenda of tax cuts and raised the maximum working day to 12 hours, in what was seen as a concession to businesses.



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