Western diplomats Monday urged Guyana’s political leaders to abide by the ruling of the Trinidad based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) that last week called on political actors here to ensure that regional and general elections are held within the timeframe stipulated by the Constitution.

“The Caribbean Court of Justice – Guyana’s Supreme Court – has spoken – saying it is important for the rule of law that all invoked actors abide by its ruling and the relevant provisions of the Constitution.

The CCJ ruled that it cannot “establish a date on or by which elections must be held” in Guyana following the successful tabling of a motion of no confidence against the present coalition government of President David Granger last December.

CCJ President Justice Adrian Saunders delivering the consequential declarations of the Court, said that the CCJ also could “not lay down timelines and deadlines that in principle are the preserves of political actors guided by constitutional imperatives”.



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