Several media practitioners employed at WEFM Radio and the Searchlight Newspaper were recently involved in a two-day training workshop on broadcasting and communication.

The training was conducted from October 5-6 at WEFM’s Office at Lower Questelles and was facilitated by Mr. Winfield Callender of Barbados.

Mr. Callender said the training course sought to review, reinforce and upgrade participants’ existing knowledge and skills about broadcasting.

In light of the development of a synergy between WEFM Radio and Searchlight newspaper, Mr. Callender explained that it was therefore deemed appropriate for staff at Searchlight to be involved in the training session.

Mr. Callender said that among the important issues covered during the training was that of helping announcers see the importance of how to appropriately deal with callers to interactive radio programmes, and how to maintain control of discussions on-air.



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