Vincentians can expect improved efficiency in operations from regional airline LIAT with the opening of Argyle International Airport next week.

LIAT’s Corporate Communications Manager, Shavar Maloney told WEFM today that they are glad that Argyle International Airport is opening because they see it as giving a new comfort to customers.

Mr. Maloney said LIAT hopes to resolve some challenges it has been experiencing in operating at E. T. Joshua Airport in Arnos Vale, such as having a reduction in the offloading of baggage due to the wind.

“We are glad that Argyle is opening because we see Argyle as giving a new comfort to customers. One of the things about E.T. Joshua…the landside before you went through security it was not air conditioned so it would get a bit hot, so we glad that our passengers are going to be able to use such a facility, “Maloney said.

He added that the airline also hopes to improve its efficiency by operating at Argyle International Airport.

“We hope to improve our efficiency with our operations at Argyle, and it will help us address some of the issues.”

“We hope to have a reduction in the off loading of baggage due to the winds…because of the length of the runway and the alignment we hope to have less of these issues in the future. So we are really hopeful that operating out of Argyle will be a good experience for LIAT customers” the Corporate Communications Manager said.



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