(WEFM) — Vincentian Journalist, Ashecia Sam, is living in constant fear for her life, as death threats are being made to her every day by a Georgetown man.

Sam, who is employed as a reporter with the Agency for Public Information (API), in a plea for help, posted on her facebook page,  Monday, that she mustered the courage to stand up to the man from Caratal Village, Georgetown, who approached her with a Cutlass on Monday.

“I stood up fearlessly to that man who was up in my face with his cutlass making threats to end my life” –Sam posted.

“I have made several reports to the Georgetown Police Station against this man and I am calling on the authorities not to wait until something happens to me to do something about this menace to society” – the post added.

When contacted by WEFM’s News, Sam, who is also from the Georgetown community, said that the man’s threats on her life have been ongoing since January, when she stood up for her Son, who was viciously beaten by the man with a stick in his head for no reason.

The man is said to be mentally deranged and was released from the Mental Health Center early this year.

“All I did was stood up for my child in an unfortunate situation on January 20 and now I have become his prime target” – Sam said.

“I have made several reports to the Georgetown Police Station… and all they’re saying is that they are talking to this boy” – Sam added.

Sam told WEFM that on Monday morning, the man came up to her for a dollar and she said she didn’t have any… and from the time she told him she didn’t have any, he started behaving very irately, brandishing his cutlass in her face and striking it on the ground.

“He said he’ll make sure he kills me… and if I were an ordinary citizen, the police would not have done anything to him… it’s because I’m working at the API why the police are targeting him” – Sam said.

Sam said that the man is known to have committed acts of  violence in the community in the past.

According to Sam, she is not the only victim of harassment from the man, as another young lady messaged her, saying the man has been harassing her too.

By: Demion McTair



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