Police in the Bronx, New York have charged a Vincentian man with the murder of his pregnant daughter in that North American borough.

The charge against former teacher 61-year-old William Caruth on Wednesday came hours after the body of Anndrea.

The two Caruths are originally from Penniston here in St. Vincent.

According to I-Witness News, Ms. Caruths’ boyfriend, Lincoln Grant, a Vincentian originally of Rillan Hill, last saw her alive around 10:30am on Sunday when she went into the apartment to get dressed for a brunch date.

He reported her missing one day later.

An autopsy found the victim, who was five months pregnant, was strangled and smashed in the head, suffering skull fractures and brain injuries according to the City Medical Examiner.

Reports are that there was a dispute between the father and daughter over a second mortgage taken out on the home by Ms. Caruth.



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