Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called yesterday for dialogue with Washington similar to that between the US and North Korea, but warned that he will not give in to threats from Donald Trump.

“I think that the processes of dialogue between Democratic Republic of Korea and the US government are very positive and could serve as an example” for a rapprochement between Washington and Caracas, Maduro told a news conference in the southern city of Bolivar.

However, he noted differences between the tensions between the White House and Venezuela and those between the US and North Korea, as “we do not have nuclear missiles.”

But the talks with Pyongyang “could serve as an example that the world needs tolerance, dialogue, respect for differences,” Maduro said ahead of a campaign event for Sunday’s election.

The early polls are being boycotted by the Venezuelan opposition, and much of the international community has condemned them as illegitimate.

Washington has dismissed the vote as a “sham” to keep Maduro in power, and has slapped sanctions on Caracas in a push to isolate the Maduro regime.



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