Police in Jamaica have reported that two men have been taken into custody in relation to fraud following the cloning and use of credit card belonging to two British retirees, who were murdered in Mount Pleasant, Portland.

Halford Anderson, age 75, otherwise called ‘Charlie’ and his wife, 71-year-old Florence Anderson, otherwise called ‘Gayle’, both of Mount Pleasant district, Hope Bay in Portland were found dead at their home about 1:30pm on Friday.

The couple had returned from Manchester, England.

According to the Jamaica Observer, reports are that residents discovered Harold Anderson’s body near Mount Pleasant Primary School under a tree, while his wife was found in their fire-bombed home with gunshot wounds to the upper body.

Superintendent Duane Wellington in a press briefing on the murder said “one of the couple’s overseas credit cards has been cloned and was used to purchase a number of items and this is a case where fraud has been committed.

Police expressed regret at the brutal killing of the couple and gave their commitment “that the top level investigation will continue with alacrity and the highest level of professionalism”.



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