Thousands of Vincentians converged at the Argyle International Airport yesterday to witness the historic landing of a LIAT ATR aircraft.

The LIAT flight 400, which had an all-Vincentian crew touched down at the airport just after 4:30pm.

Delivering remarks at a ceremony following the landing of the aircraft, Chief Executive Officer of the International Airport Development Company (IADC), Dr. Rudy Mathias outlined the progress made so far on construction of the airport.

He noted that 6,900 feet of the 9,000 feet runway have been paved and lights are being installed along the runway; a car park and cargo terminal are being built; the Control Tower is fully operational; the fire station is completed and three fire trucks have been bought; and the passenger terminal building is completed.

Mr. Mathias said the IADC will soon be hiring over 190 persons to assist in the management of the International Airport.

According to Dr. Mathias, the Argyle International Airport is going to cost a total of 600 million EC dollars for the construction and all the equipment needed for it to become operational.



  1. I wonder how many hundreds of people in LIAT’s network were delayed how many hours just so Ralph could have his “put a LIAT” moment.

    And I wonder how LIAT’s insurance company feels to have one of their insured aircraft land illegally at an unfinished airport.

    But that’s none of MY business.


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