World Pediatric Project (WPP) commenced 2019 and the surgical year with a great start, this as WPP continues to support Community-Based Growth in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Eastern Caribbean -through consistent and specialty Healthcare programs.

The current team on island led by Dr. Jeff Lukish, pediatric surgeon from Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC, is overseeing the General surgery mission which runs from 6th-10th of January 2019.

To date there has been a total number of 41 local patients and 15 regional, already there are success stories from individuals benefiting from the expertise, love and support of the WPP team and their support members.

CEO of WPP Susan Rickman is accompanying this team and is elated to be here giving support as it feels like her second home.

Rickman says a pediatric general surgery team has been traveling to St Vincent for the past 14 years working on the neonatal care in the NICU.

She says there are approximately 15 teams per year coming to St Vincent with different sub-specialties.

Rickman adds that since about 2008 the Prime Minister said its time to open the doors to the rest of the Caribbean for children to come and meet with the sub-specialties hence they started to include St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, Dominica and really develop the Eastern Caribbean initiative so we have built it into a regional program with St Vincent and the Grenadines being the pediatric center of excellence for the Eastern Caribbean.



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