Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has disclosed that some difficulties have arisen this year with regard to getting fuel from Venezuela’s state-run Oil Company, PDVSA.

This he said is due to sanctions that have been imposed on the administration in Venezuela, by the United States government, which have affected the banking system in that South American country.

Dr. Gonsalves comment comes amid media reports that PDVSA is discontinuing the supply of fuel to the Eastern Caribbean.

Speaking on radio here on WEFM this morning, Prime Minister Gonsalves explained that while the US sanctions have not affected PDVSA providing fuel to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the problem arises when it comes to paying the ships for the fuel delivered.

Thus far for this year, Prime Minister Gonsalves said there have been two shipments of fuel to this country by PDVSA.

Dr. Gonsalves went on to explain that the US sanctions on Venezuela affects St. Vincent and the Grenadines indirectly, and highlighted its impact on this country’s long-term financing for the supply of fuel.



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