Managing Director-Julius Williams

Julius Alexander Williams. Hey, that name is way too formal, and complicated for the

man we’re talking about here. ‘Jules’ will do…always. He’s not the ordinary man.

At the helm of WE FM, Jules has a most unorthodox management style. He oversees,

seemingly, from the sidelines; and trusts his staff to get the job done without interference.

Jules believes “you get more out of people if they’re comfortable”.

He invests in young full-time employees, allowing them to come into their own, molding

their own identities, free from the influences of older models in the industry. “Don’t

sound like anybody else. WEFM was not created to be an imitation.” That’s Jules talking.

The man is practical and assertive, perhaps dogmatic at times. What the workers at

WEFM like most about their boss is that he is approachable. He truly listens. Mind you,

Jules won’t hesitate to let you know you’re talking crap. But then again he’s wont mind

if you reciprocate. Did we mention he was extraordinary?

His staff loves him. He’s funny, jovial and easy-going, yet beneath that relaxed

demeanor is a shrewd businessman. Jules hates being the underdog, hence he’s

ambitious and relentless in his pursuits. He’s nothing short of an electronic wizard, has

always had a knack for the ‘technical’. By age ten, he had built his first radio. Jules

Williams has utilized his solid electronic background to ace the rest of the field in radio.

WE FM offers the widest coverage, and does so on a single frequency, 99.9. WE FM is

the child company of Williams Electronics, of which Jules is also Managing Director.

Making music has also been a relaxant for Jules, and playing the keyboard to past-time

after work led to the establishment of arguably the best band ever in St. Vincent and the


From 1986 the band Touch dominated the music scene for about a decade, with Jules as

Manager and Sound Engineer. Remember his quest for excellence? Jules will boast that

Touch has never lost a Road March Competition. Face it; the man’s a winner!






Operations Manager-Wendy Susan Defreitas

A former Teacher and Hotel Manager joined We FM a couple months

after its inception in 1997.

Miss Defreitas is a Director and the Operations Manager of We FM.

Putting it mildly, she is the axis around which everything else revolves

at the station. Her even temper and sobering demeanor endears her to

the rest of the staff.

Miss Defreitas interfaces regularly with all functionaries at the





Assistant Programme Director-Radio Announcer Donnie Collins

Prince came to We FM in January 2008. He is by no means new to the

radio as he has a wealth of experience in broadcasting and can fit

anywhere, be it news, morning programming, drive time or sports

commentating. Prince is a “people person” who believes that radio is

one of the most powerful medium which touches each and everyone.

His philosophy is “if I can touch and influence one person in this life,

then my job on earth is done”. Prince as he is affectionately known as

holds down the early morning programme from Monday to Friday 6 –

10 am and on Saturdays 2 – 6 pm. He is the Assistant Programme

Manager. (



Administrative Assistant-Jamella Parsons

Jamella Parsons-Samuel is our Administrative Assistant and has been employed

with We FM since 2005 and deals with the day to day running of the

business. Despite being in the office, this November born has a great

voice and passion for music.

Beneath this full figure lies and outspoken and vibrant young lady who

admires life and all it has to offer. Mrs. Parsons-Samuel studied Business and

Administration for two years at the St. Vincent Technical College.





Research Officer-Reporter-Demion McTair

Demion McTair hails from South Leeward. He has a passion for music,

loves the environment and people. His philosophy is “You must be the

change you wish to see in this world”.

You can catch him on Saturdays from 6 – 10 am and Sundays from 9:30

am – 2: pm. He is the Research Officer/Reporter. He is very community

spirited and is actively involved in planning and organizing projects.






News Editor-Naressa Bostwick

Ms. Bostwick joined us in January, 2011. She was born and raised in

Guyana, then moved to St. Vincent in her early teens.

Naressa In her spare time enjoys reading and works in the News

Department at We FM as she prepares and presents the news.

She stands firm in her beliefs such as “there is no excellency without

difficulty and the temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are

about to succeed”. (




Radio Announcer-News Caster-Crystal Bynoe Greaves

Crystal N.O Bynoe-Greaves joined the WEFM team on October 1st 2012

as a Radio Announcer/Newscaster. She currently occupies the 10am –

2pm time slot from Mondays to Fridays.

She is known for being unpredictable in her music selection and a ball

of fun. She is passionate about the arts and enjoys inspiring people to

achieve their full potential and purpose through this medium.

As a Christian she adopts the philosophy that” we should all let our light

shine as we try to make the country and world the very best that it can

be”. (





Production Assistant-Sports Caster Kheron Sutherland

Kheron is a very talented young man who plays the pan and keyboard.

He attended the St.Vincent Grammar School and then the St.Vincent

and The Grenadines Community College Division of Technical and

Vocational Education.

He joined the WEFM staff in 2013. He is the Production Assistant/IT

Personnel. He enjoys playing football in his spare time. Kheron enjoys

all genres of music and he believes that there is music to fit every

occasion. He hopes to become an IT Technician as he wants to pursue

his studies in that field. (



Radio Announcer Nigel Bynoe

Affectionately known as “Dj Outlah”, Nigel Bynoe hails from Frenches

and joined the team in October 2014. He is a fulltime lover of football

and all genres of music. In his spare time he enjoys relaxing, meditating

and reading.

You can catch him on Mondays through Fridays from 2 pm to 6 pm

and Saturdays (Reggae Blast) from 6 pm to 10 pm.

“Outlah” is a member of “Nu Koncep”, which is a DJ Crew.