The Respondents in “the election petition cases” say they respect the Judge’s ruling which was handed down on Monday April 4th 2016.

The application was heard on March 4, 2016, before Justice Brian Cottle in the High Court, and yesterday April 04, 2016, Justice Cottle, in his written judgment, concluded that the application by the respondents to strike out the petitions filed by the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) was “premature”.

He therefore ruled to strike out the application.

In a statement dated April 4, 2016, Senior Council Anthony Astaphan, Richard Williams and Grahame Bollers, lawyers for the Respondents, noted that their clients “respect the Judge’s ruling and are pleased that he has ruled that if the same application is made at the beginning of the hearing of the election petitions themselves, the petitions would be struck out. This ruling vindicates the position of the Respondents.”



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