Over 400 persons without National Insurance Service (NIS) numbers have had contributions paid on their behalf.

According to a release by the NIS – this is as a result of submissions made to the NIS for employees without providing full details relating to their names, NIS number and date of birth.

The NIS further said when this happens, a suspense number is generated and the contribution is saved pending a reconciliation to determine the right individual it should be assigned to.

It noted that if this does not happen, then it means an employee could be losing out on their full benefits under the NIS program.

The NIS said it has made several appeals to employers, especially in the informal sectors such as construction, to ensure the correct information for all employees are provided.

The institution is appealing to persons – to provide the correct NIS number and all personal details to their employers. In addition, all employees have been encouraged to visit its office to check their contribution records.



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