The OECS Commission’s Health Unit has introduced new HIV/STI/TB Clinical Management Software to the region and has trained IT professionals in its use to vastly improve HIV / AIDS data collection across the Eastern Caribbean.

The training followed the official launch of the Clinical Management System held in January 2018 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines which was selected as the pilot country.

Co-ordinator of the TB/HIV Elimination Project Dr. Cleophas d’Auvergne highlighted the importance of the initiative for all participating OECS countries.

He said, “We aim to standardize data collection throughout the OECS and we want to ensure that we have an efficient regional reporting system to improve our approaches to the regional management and policy positions on HIV/AIDS/TB”.

A major outcome of the new Clinical Management Software is timely data to support Government health policy decision making both at the community level and regionally.



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