Jamaica’s minister of industry, Audley Shaw says that Jamaican schoolchildren are being fed a steady diet of genetically modified foods (GMOs), with the full knowledge and consent of the State, exposing them to potential nutritional deficiencies and, in the process, marginalizing local farmers.

“We feeding our children in our School Feeding Programme imported genetically modified flour and rice, when we can produce the foods that are of higher nutritional value, whether it is pumpkin, sweet potato, gluten-free cassava and gluten-free breadfruit,” Shaw added.

According to the Jamaica Observer, the minster further stated “We are fooling around with our School Feeding Programme and our children are not getting adequate nutrition in schools. As a result of that, we have to start feeding our children grains, give them nutritious foods, and guess what the good news is? That we can produce it here.”



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