The Jamaican High Commission in the United Kingdom is being urged to stop aiding the deportation of people by issuing emergency travel documents to the UK’s Home Office.

According to the Jamaica Observer Newspaper, Lobby group Movement for Justice made the call as it staged a protest outside the Jamaican High Commission in London on yesterday as part of a campaign against a secretive charter flight on which about 50 people are to be deported on Wednesday.

The Home Office cannot deport people who do not have passports for their country without emergency travel documents issued by the relevant embassies.

Movement for Justice told the UK media that it had spoken to many of those due to fly on Wednesday. Of them, 13 came to the UK as children, 12 have been in the UK for more than 19 years and 18 have Windrush-generation connections.

According to the Guardian, the Home Office spent more than £80,000 in 2017-18 on payments to 33 embassies for travel documents.



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