Haitian law authorities say they have rescued 33 women including school children, during a raid that netted at least 12 human traffickers.

“We found 33 girls, 20 of them minors, locked up in one room,” said Danton Léger, the Port-au-Prince government commissioner, adding that in another room, 12 traffickers, including eight men were detained.

“In the room occupied by the traffickers, the police seized bags of drugs, alcohol, a certain amount of money in Gourdes and US dollars, a computer whose hard disk contains videos of child pornography …which tends to prove that these individuals were accustomed to this kind of exploitation,” he added.

Léger refused to provide further details on the number of traffickers involved or other arrests, because the investigation is still ongoing.

The authorities said they acted on a tip last week that young girls were going to be sold by a network of human traffickers

The arrest on Sunday took place at the Kaliko Beach Club about 60 kilometers from Port-au-Prince.

The authorities said that some of those rescued were as young as 13 years old, adding that the women had been brought to the area under the guise that they were going to a beautiful sea feast.



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