Plans are being made for the hosting of an event here next month to highlight the need for greater collaboration to prevent incidences of suicide and various forms of violence.

The National Candlelight Vigil dubbed “Light a Candle for SVG” is being organized by the SAYEnoughisEnough Group, in commemoration of World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 that will be observed on Monday September 10, under the theme “Working Together to Prevent Suicide.”

Launched in January this year, the SAYEnoughisEnough Group, is non-political in nature, and seeks to educate and sensitize the public about the societal ills, whether physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, and how we as a people can work together to build a better nation.

Coordinator of the group, Ms. Javelle Frank, told WEFM News that the National Candlelight Vigil is scheduled for Sunday September 9, 2018 from 6:00pm.

According to Ms. Frank, the upcoming event aims not only to highlight the need for global suicide prevention-collaboration, but also to bridge all sorts of divide on the social landscape by bringing communities together to be involved in anti-violence activism, while fostering the concept of communal action for community well being.



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