Barbadian police are currently investigating the murder of 71-year-old Cardon Young, who was murdered outside his Sandford, St Philip home, in broad daylight, last Saturday.

The unresponsive body of the elderly man lying in a pool of blood when police entered the premises, the victim had stabbed wounds about the body.

Young’s daughter Jody Nurse, who lives in the US, told Barbados TODAY she was saddened that her father, with whom she had a close relationship, would not receive the opportunity to meet her children for the first time in August, as was planned.
She said she had a video chat with him just Friday night.

“I feel as if I have more questions than answers. My father was in his 70’s. What pride can be taken from robbing and murdering a man of this age, who was in his twilight years?. . .I am still in shock,” Nurse said.

Police are continuing investigations into the murder.



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