Anti corruption agencies in the Commonwealth Caribbean have indicated that they will be gathering regional data and release their own anti-corruption index similar to the one issued annually by Transparency International.

According to the immediate past Chairman of the Commonwealth Caribbean Association of Integrity Commission and Anti-Corruption, Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph, the decision was made at the recently concluded conference of the Association in Jamaica.

In the past, several Commonwealth nations were ranked as having high perception of corruption – prompting officials in the affected countries to express their concerns.

Trotman-Joseph who will continue to serve on the executive of the Association said that one of the concerns of Transparency International 2016 index, released during the first quarter of 2017 is that several Caribbean and other commonwealth countries were “bunched together”.

Trotman-Joseph said Grenada and other anti-corruption agencies in the Commonwealth are doing a lot to fight corruption and because people are not aware of their hard work, the perception from Transparency International makes it appear as if nothing is happening.

The intention is to have the first Commonwealth Caribbean anti-corruption report be released in 2018.



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