A 23 year old woman who went missing in Trinidad on Tuesday has been found, dead.

According to the Trinidad Express, Sharlene Somai was killed and her semi-nude body dumped in the bushes near her home at Peterfield Village, Chaguanas. It appears she died the very night she went missing.

It is believed she was strangled to death, as there was a thin cord tied tightly around her neck and a plastic bag over her head.

According to the information given to police, Somai walked away from her home to go to a nearby parlour at around 8pm on Tuesday to purchase a phone card, leaving her four year old son and common law husband at home.

The young woman, who recently opened a food business, never returned. Her cell phone was found in the front porch of the family home.

The murder toll in Trinidad and Tobago stood at 112 up to last evening.



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