Antigua and Barbuda is being advised to table laws that would allow parents to anonymously abandon their babies without fear of being criminally pursued.

The advice comes from two US-based non-profit organizations mere days after a dead premature baby boy, still attached to his umbilical cord and amniotic sack, was found floating in a plastic bag at Crawl Bay.

The mother is yet to be found and according to police sources, up to press time, they were no closer to finding her as they were on Wednesday when the discovery was made.

Founder and President of the Children of Hope Foundation in New York, Timothy Jaccard who helped write the first Safe Haven Law in 1998, said all other states have since followed and enacted the legislation.

“Revisit it and pass a law that would allow a woman, after she gives birth, to legally drop the baby off at a hospital, fire station or police station like we did in New York,” Jaccard told Antigua OBSERVER Radio’s Big Issues programme on the weekend.



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