(WEFM FEATURE) — He has long been regarded as one of St. Vincent & the Grenadines’ top Disc Jockeys (DJ’s), but from rocking parties at Clubs and Block-O sessions, Raphael ‘Dj Tarrus’ Husbands health got rocked in 2016 and it turned his whole life around.follow-us

Today, he is rocking Gospel and Inspirational messages on the airwaves, on two radio stations so far.

DJ Tarrus officially hosted his first edition of “Glory Hour” on WEFM 99.9 on Sunday November 13, 2016, after launching “Morning Glory”, aired on Xtreme104.3 FM on Sunday Mornings.

On his first edition of “Glory Hour” on WEFM, (a program which will be aired every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm on WEFM) Tarrus made it clear that he was a man on a mission and he sent a serious admonition to those he left in the secular world.

“I’m just appealing to all the people who used to come to my parties and Block-O’s, now is your appointed time to serve the master” – DJ Tarrus lamented.

Tarrus’ turnaround came to full effect in the May / June period of 2016.

In a video posted on his official facebook page on June 12, 2016, which to date, has received over 40,000 views, DJ Tarrus posted about a near death experience, which became the turning point in his life.

“I was in the Hospital because of high blood pressure. That blood pressure was two hundred and something over one hundred and something, I could have been a dead man, God could’ve killed me and he put me down in Hospital, he did not kill me… he wants me for a purpose” – Tarrus said in the video.

“The blood pressure was so high that it damaged my Kidney, it enlarged my heart a little bit…” – Tarrus added.

On October 9th of this year, DJ Tarrus posted on his official facebook page, that he got baptized and also got engaged the same day, to the woman who would later become his wife. Website ad

The once very popular secular DJ, now turned champion for Christ, is serious about his new life and his new journey.

He said God is calling many people to serve him and build his Kingdom, but they are ignoring God, just as he himself DJ Tarrus did, on many occasions, before his close call with death.

“I’m appealing to everyone out there… please, listen to God when he’s talking to you. I’m living for God now, I’ve turned around my life. I want everybody to realize this is a new me right now” – Tarrus said in the June 12 video.

“I used to work for the Devil and play all sorts of music all over the place, but now, I’m working for God” – he added.

DJ Tarrus’ move to host yet another Gospel music program, shows that he is not backing down from his new journey. He’s truly a changed man on a mission, trying to change lives, by leading persons to Christ, through music and message.

By: Demion McTair



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