It has been regarded as the biggest promotion in the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in recent memory; as 82 Police Officers have been promoted to various ranks within the constabulary including the post of Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police.

It has been announced to the general public that the Police Service Commission has approved the appointment of Mr. Colin John as Commissioner of Police, Mr. Frankie Joseph as Deputy Commissioner of Police and Mr. Richard Browne as Assistant Commissioner of Police, effective December 31, 2018.

The Police Service Commission has also approved the following appointment as follows:

4 Superintendents of Police, 3 Assistant Superintendents of Police, 4 Inspectors of Police and 10 Station Sergeants.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John has approved the following promotions in the constabulary effective December 31, 2018:

13 Sergeants of Police, 7 Acting Sergeants of Police, 14 Corporals of Police, 20 Acting Corporals of Police, 1 Petty Officer and 3 Leading Seaman.

Commissioner John congratulates all of the officers who have been promoted and has emphasized that promotion should not just be seen as a personal achievement only but it adds new responsibilities to the recipients.



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