The preliminaries of the 2018 Lions Club South St. Vincent Secondary Schools Public Speaking Competition is set to commence next week.

The first preliminary takes place on Tuesday September 25, 2018, at Frenches House for schools in Zone One.

This zone includes participants from the: St. Vincent Girls’ High School, Bishops’ College Kingstown, Dr. J.P Eustace Memorial Secondary School, St. Clair Dacon Secondary School, Union Island Secondary School and St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown.

Students in Zone one will debate the topic “Violent and unpunished crime now seems to be a part of our daily lives. Enforcing the death penalty has now become our only recourse”.

Zone two preliminary is schedule for Wednesday September 26, Zone three will be held on Thursday September 27, and Zone 4 on Friday, September 28.

The winner of each preliminary will be automatically entered into the finals scheduled for October.

The Lions Club South St. Vincent has being hosting the annual Secondary Schools Public Speaking Competition for over almost 30 years.



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