WE FM 99.9 is a community radio station. This privately-owned radio station was up and running just a few months after licenses were extended for the first time in 1997, to allow private entities to operate. It was all made possible through the vision of Electronics Engineer, Julius Williams.

WE FM broadcasts live 24 hours a day, on the assigned FM frequency band of 99.9. The station’s output focuses on entertainment, news, information and national development issues. Along with covering 95 percent of SVG, WE-FM’s dynamic frequency also reaches 75 percent of Barbados (to the East) 33 percent of Grenada (to the south) and 33 percent of St. Lucia (to the north).

In 2004 WE FM 99.9 double its power output, resulting in complete coverage of SVG and Barbados. Coverage in both Grenada and St. Lucia reach 75 percent in each island. A small, closely knit full time staff, with equally dedicated part-timers playing a big supporting role, handles the popular programmes on WE FM. Youth, versatility and creativity are qualities shared by the on-air personalities, which leads towards their aspirations of excellence. 

WE FM’s studios are located at Windy Point, Old Fort, Lower Questelles. Our transmitting site is at Mt. St. Andrew.  We FM utilizes the latest broadcast technology in its quest for nothing short of top quality sound.

In 2004 WE FM launched its online radio station, www.999wefm.com. This new virtual dimension means WE FM can be heard anywhere in the world, once an Internet connection is available.

Latest News

Regional News

Thousands of public sector workers in Barbados are expected to take to the streets on Monday morning to protest the Government’s handling of the dispute between the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) and the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), where a number of workers were sent on early

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Regional News

Venezuela is facing the prospect of a national beer shortage because of striking workers at two breweries. Unions linked to President Nicolas Maduro have forced the closure over a pay dispute with the brewer Polar, which makes up to 80% of Venezuela’s beer. Half of their breweries are now shut,

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Miss Carival Contestents
Local News

Nine young ladies will grace the stage at Victoria Park tonight to compete in the 30th staging of the prestigious MISS Carival 2015 pageant. The contestants are: MISS Anguilla- Fedalia  Richardson; MISS Antigua And Barbuda- Leanda  Norville; MISS Barbados- Heidi  Barrow; MISS Dominica- Odessa Elie; MISS Guyana-  Alicia  Bess; MISS

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